Nitro Micon

With super power and super connectivity. Nitro micon™ super power hearing aids offer high and reliable amplification for severe to profound hearing loss. Optimized directional microphone placement helps to increase speech understanding, even in difficult listening situations, while dual onboard controls and wireless connectivity offer convenient control and streaming options. By combining super power with the latest, most sophisticated technology and enhanced design, Nitro micon provides the power, quality and functions that customers who are dependent on their hearing aids need to stay connected to their world.

nitro-micon-1Premium performance

  1. Maximum amplification in all directionality modes
  2. Powered by micon™: because the future belongs to Soundability™
  3. Available in two micon performance levels: 7mi, 3 mi
  4. Wireless connectivity with e2e™ wireless 2.0
  5. Direct audio input with audio shoe (optional)
  6. Built-in Telecoil
  7. AutoPhone
  8. Tinnitus noiser option

Comfort and convenience

  1. Ergonomic slim-neck design
  2. Dual onboard controls (push button and rocker switch)
  3. LED status indicator
  4. Long-lasting power with 675 size standard battery
  5. Pediatric safety features (optional)
  6. Superior nanocoating technology on housing
  7. Ingress Protection Rating 67
  8. IPX7 water resistance for immersion in up to 1 m of water for 30 min
  9. IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quality and safety

Discover the product
Nitro micon™ offers super power amplification, excellent directionality and wireless connectivity in an ergonomic design



Nitro micon™ works effortlessly with various optional accessories to offer wearers the best possible listening experience.

This user-friendly, ergonomic remote control with a modern design and built-in display can be customized to provide users with an easy-to-use, convenient remote control for their hearing instruments.


The award winning miniTek has the flexibility to easily connect your favorite electronic devices wirelessly to your hearing instruments in true stereo sound. It won awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012 in the “Next” category and as a fan favorite.


miniTek™ Remote App
The miniTek Remote App (available in the Google Play Store) allows Android users to control their miniTek using their smartphone. And because the app’s interface has the same look as the miniTek, it is easy to understand.


The Transmitter connects devices without Bluetooth® functionality to the audio streamer. Using the transmitter you can connect your TV, stereo, or MP3 player as well as many other electronic devices and using a special Bluetooth® protocol you will wirelessly stream sounds directly into the hearing instruments.


The VoiceLink microphone connects to Siemens audio streamers and is practical when wearers are attending conferences or presentations. VoiceLink can be given to the speaker for effective speech transmission to the hearing instrument user.


This wireless programming system for hearing instruments with e2e wireless™ 2.0 enables faster, easier programming and provides a higher level of customer comfort.


Audio shoe
Optional robust audio shoe for direct audio input. Enables direct audio connection to the most common FM solutions and provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for learning in school or at home.


DAI Safety Kit
This kit includes a child-safe battery door, an audio shoe and work instructions how to exchange the battery door, enable child lock, and attach the audio shoe.


These are made of soft plastic or silicone custom made to fit the ear. The earmold keeps the hearing instrument in place via the LifeTube.