Siemens Batteries


Siemens stands for the highest level of quality and reliability.

Siemens batteries excel by their long lives as well as by a high and stable voltage, which ensures an excellent amplification. This results in a brilliant and distortion-free audio quality – whether in digital or analog hearing instruments.

User-friendly packaging for an optimal handling.

  • User-friendly application
    Easy removal, normal handling, maximum product protection as well as clear color coding.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
    The environment benefits as well: due to their intelligent two-component structure, the packaging materials can be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner.

dial comfort

Each cell can be taken separately from the practical rotary dispenser.

comfort tab

The especially long tab can be taken off easily and thus facilitates easy insertion of the cell into the hearing aid.

quality seal

The quality seal guarantees that all cells are tested and in their original packaging. The resealable flap ensures safe transporting.

Siemens batteries are available at House Of Hearing Limited Kenya