minitekSiemens miniTek™ is everything you want from a wireless solution and more. It is an automatic streamer. An intuitive remote control. It syncs all your high-tech gadgets with your hearing instruments, and connects you to multiple devices simultaneously. The tiny miniTek is your link to the richest listening experience possible. At the touch of a button.

Features and benefits

A remote control and streamer in one small and stylish device, miniTek transmits audio signals to both ears in true stereo. miniTek works with all Siemens wireless hearing instruments, offering discreet and convenient one-touch operation. Siemens miniTek and Tek® are the only wireless solutions that support completely-in-the-canal hearing aids.

miniTek connects numerous audio devices with your hearing instruments. Its multipoint system works with 2 phones at once because it connects to 2 transmitters at the same time. miniTek communicates with nearly all Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled devices and supports 3rd party Bluetooth® transmitters. miniTek offers additional connectivity with DAI plug and Telecoil.

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