AC40 New Clinical Audiometer

ac40-1The AC40 is a comprehensive audiometer specifically designed for advanced clinical applications. Pre-programmed and automated testing features are simple to access and save valuable time. The AC40 comes standard with high frequency audiometry, multi-frequency, MLD, built-in free field amplifiers and more. The large LCD screen provides a large view of your test parameters without obstructing your view of the patient.

Design and efficiency

ac40aThe well thought design of the AC40 is ergonomic and based on the clinician’s needs. The AC40 includes an articulating, high-resolution 8.4 inch color display that presents crystal clear images for easy to read audiograms. The intuitive keypad design enables quick acclimatisation without losing efficiency or speed. Several display choices are available to customize the readout to your personal preference.
Counseling solution
The AC40 gives you counseling tools to help engage and connect with your client. Whether you use your main test window or attach an external monitor directly to the AC40, you can utilise the variety of counseling tools available in the Diagnostic Suite 2.0 PC software program.

 AC40 Test Screen

As a standalone audiometer AC40 provides all the necessary air, bone and masking features required for advanced diagnostic and clinical use. The built-in 8.4’’ high resolution color display offers dedicated test screens as well as many display and test options.

ac40testTone audiometry

Automatic CPT and PTA calculation
User defined symbol scheme
Speech banana
Display masking information
Easy access to main functions
Built-in wavefiles
Built-in media player for playing prerecorded speech material

Speech audiometry test features

Live Voice, CD/MP3 or Wavefile presentations
SRT, Word Recognition, MCL, UCL
Recorded Word Recognition Scoring
Binaural speech for CAPD applications
Speech Stenger
Built-in Wavefiles

Channels Two independent channels
Channel 1 Input: Tone, Microphone 1+2, Tape/CD 1+2, NB, SN, WN, PN. Output: Left, Right, Bone L+R, Free Field 1+2, Insert phones, HF phones.
Channel 2 Input: Tone, Microphone 1+2, Tape/CD 1+2, NB, SN, WN, PN. Output: Left, Right, Free Field 1+2, Insert phones, HF phones, Insert masking.
Speech Live, Tape or CD
Frequency range 125-20000 Hz divided in two ranges:
250-8000 Hz (AC, BC, FF) and
8000-20000 Hz (AC).
Warble 5 to 50 Hz, 0 to ±25%
Frequency resolution Multi frequency, Programmable in 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 octave steps.
Talk forward 0-110 dB SPL
Talk back Microphone input
Monitor Built-in speaker or external loudspeaker
Assistant monitor Output to external earphone
Special test Auto Threshold, Békésy Test, Difference Limen Intensity, Difference Limen Frequency, Loudness Balancing, Difference Masked Unmasked, Weber, ABLB, TTdecay, Masking Level Difference (MLD), Monaural Loudness Balancing (MLB), SISI, Stenger, Lombard test, Doerfler-Stewart test
System FFAC40 Built-in 2x12W amplifier AC40-APD and two ALS7 speakers. 95dB SPL.(Optional)
System FF105 External 2x70W amplifi er, AP70, and two ALS7 speakers. 105dB SPL. (Optional)
Computer communication Built-in RS232C two way computer interface which allows the computer to both monitor and control the AC40.
Display Graphic 640×200 monochrome LCD display with (CFL) back lighting. Electronic viewing angle adjustment.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 50x47x20 cm/ 20x19x8 inches
Weight 13 kg/29 lbs
Power AC 50-60 Hz. 100-120 V, 220-240 V
Consumption Max. 180 VA.
Audiometer IEC 60645-1, IEC 60645-2, IEC 60645-4/ANSI S. 3.6.
Tone audiometer type 1
Speech audiometer type A or A-E
Safety IEC 60601-1, class 1, type B.
EMC IEC 60601-1-2.
Medical CE-mark Yes
Included parts TDH39 audiometric headset
B71 bone conductor
R-80 High frequency headset
2 APS3 Patient response button
Power cable
PCR-AC40 dust cover
200 AF12 audiogram charts
Pen set
Operation manual on CD
Multilingual CE Manual
Optional parts AP70 2×70 Watt power amplifier
ALS7 FF loudspeaker ( AP70 )
EM400 electret microphone for talk back
EMS400 wall mounted talk back microphone
21925 Audiocup enclosures
50250 Peltor noise reducing headset
EAR-Tone 5A insert phones for audiometry
HDA200 audiometric headset
CIR22 insert earphone for masking and monitoring
MTH400 monitor headset
MTH400M monitor headset with boom mic.
AFC13 sound cabin connection panel
APS3 patient signal ( 2 are included )
IFC59/IFC69 RS232C computer connection cable
OtoAccess™ database program
IA-NOAH-Aud software program
Options AC40-APD Built-in 2×12 watt Power Amplifier for FF


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