ABRIS Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening
ABRIS is a key component in any newborn hearing screening program. It is fast, accurate, automatic and reliable and it requires minimal test training.

ABRIS will typically detect an ABR response after 20 seconds and return a “pass” result in green. If no response is detected, ABRIS will continue testing for several minutes before returning a “refer” result in red.
ABRIS has very high sensitivity and specificity.
ABRIS also reacts automatically if the newborn infant becomes restless and will wait until test conditions become satisfactory again before continuing the test. ABRIS has very high sensitivity and specificity.


  • ABR Technology
  • Very Fast
  • Automatic
  • No Ambiguity
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Electrode Montage
  • Stimuli
  • Reports and Comments
  • OtoAccess

Note: ABRIS runs on the ECLIPSE


Transducers Ear-Tone ABR insert phones included.
Independent calibration for TDH39 (not included).
PreAmplifier See EP15 / EP25 specifications.
Stimulus Click. 93Hz stimulus rate. Level: 30dBHL, 35dBHL or 40dBHL.
Security Password protection of test parameters.
Test time Typically less than one minute.
Algorithmical sensitivity 99.99%.
Specificity Typically 97%. 99,7% in two stage screening.
Included parts ABRIS™ Software CD
ETB Standard electrode cable with buttons
ETU Universal electrode cable
ETR Electrode cable with re-usable electrodes
ETS Electrode cable spring
PEG15 Set of 25 single use pre-gelled electrodes
SPG15 Tube of skin preparation gel
Gauze Swabs
Ten20™ Electrode gel
Alcohol pads (100 pcs.)
EARTone ABR Insert Earphones
Optional parts EPA3 Cable collector (one channel/3 electrodes)