DPOAE20 Screening & Clinical

The Complete Clinical Package
The DPOAE20 module is a complete clinical package for measuring otoacoustic emissions on the ECLIPSE. Based on distortion product stimuli, the module includes a high performance probe and software for performing and reporting DP-tests.

DPOAE20 is typically used to produce a complete DP gram, followed by input/output tests at specific frequencies. If required, the DP gram can test a single frequency and function as a 30 second screening test.

dpoae20_screenOther Features

  • Automated Screening and Detailed
  • Diagnostic DP
  • Normative Data
  • High Performance Probe
  • Extend Test Timer
  • Validity Checkmarks
  • Time Saving Report Writer
  • Adjustable Parameters
  • Rejection System to Ambient Noise
  • Reports and Comments
  • OtoAccess for Medical Records

Note: DPOAE20 runs on the ECLIPSE


Standards IEC 60645-3 Audiometer
Probe TEOAE and DPOAE capable. Weight: 3 grams. Replaceable probe tip
Upgradable EP15 or EP25 ABR system. ASSR. ABRIS ABR Screener. DPOAE20/TEOAE25
Stimulus Frequency Range: 500-8000 Hz. Frequency Step: 50 Hz.
Level: 30-75 dB SPL (70 dB for freq. above 6kHz).
Level Step: 1 dB SPL. Transducer: Dedicated DPOAE20/TEOAE25 probe
Recording Analysis time: Minimum 2 sec to unlimited test time
A/D Resolution: 16 bit, 3.7 Hz resolution
Artifact Reject System: Adjustable: -30 to 30dBSPL or off. Applicable during testing.
SNR Criteria: 1-20 dB SPL
Displays Probe fi t – with stimulus and intensity. Response. Level fit.
DP-gram or Input/Output
Auto protocols Preprogrammed tests. Additional tests preprogrammable by user.
Checkmark indication for S/N R passed
Timer of test with manual override.
Included Parts DPOAE20 / TEOAE25 DPOAE20 and/or TEOAE25 software CD
OAE Probe, complete
BET25 Assortment Box with eartips for OAE
NEOPT Neonatal Probetip