TEOAE25 Screening & Clinical

High Performance Testingoae_probe

TEOAE25 records and analyses transient evoked otoacoustic emissions. It can be programmed to return an automatic pass/refer result suitable for use in a screening program, but can equally well be programmed to provide detailed diagnostic information for a clinical
investigation. Based on transient stimuli, the module includes a high performance  probe and software for performing and reporting tests.

As the TEOAE25 probe is identical to that used for distortion product OAE, this gives the possibility for combining the two procedures during one patient session.


  • Automated Screening
  • High Performance Probe
  • Comprehensive Printouts
  • Noise Rejection

Note: TEOAE25 runs on the ECLIPSE


Standards IEC 60645-3 Audiometer
Upgradable EP15 or EP25 ABR system. ASSR. ABRIS ABR Screener. DPOAE20/TEOAE25
Stimulus Linear or non linear clicks. Level: 50-90 dB SPL. Level Step: 1 dB SPL.
Transducer: Dedicated DPOAE20/TEOAE25 probe. Accuracy: 0.5 dB.
Bandwidth: 400 Hz – 4000Hz +/- 2dB
Analysis time: 25 to 32000 samples. A/D Resolution: 16 bit, 3.7 Hz resolution.
Artifact Reject System: 25 – 55 dB SPL or off. Applicable during testing.
SNR Criteria: 5 individual frequency bands can be set 1-30 dB SPL.
Automated screening Algorithm included. Optional user defi ned algorithms.
Security system – password protection
Displays Probe fit – with stimulus and frequency response display
OAE time window, OAE FFT. 1kHz Pass / Refer bands. 1/3 octave bands, 1/6 octave bands, 1/12 octave bands. dB OAE, dB Signal to Noise ratio
Auto protocols Preprogrammed tests. Additional tests preprogrammable by user.
Checkmark indication for S/N R passed
Included Parts DPOAE20/TEOAE25 DPOAE20 and/or TEOAE25 software CD
OAE Probe, complete
BET25 Assortment Box with eartips for OAE
NEOPT Neonatal Probetip