The New Otoread

An option for every need
The new OtoReadTM combines fast and comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing of newborn babies, children and adults in an easy to use, handheld device.

Whether your testing protocols call for transient evoked or distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing, OtoReadTM provides the optimal solution. It can be used for a simple screening or for a more detailed assessment in diagnostic mode, testing across a wide range of frequencies.

The OtoReadTM is available in six versions allowing you to choose the one to suit your screening or clinical needs.

  • DPOAE &/or TEOAE
  • User programmable protocols
  • Modern cradle for storage, charging & data transfer
  • Wireless thermal printer


A caring design
Every part of OtoReadTM has been tailored to simplify your workflow. A few seconds after you place the probe in your patient’s ear you will have a green PASS or red REFER indication.

When you begin screening with OtoReadTM, you will immediately discover its intuitive user interface. It has a four arrow keypad making it fast and simple to navigate and access the desired screens. The color-coded icons guide you through the process. Once you have placed the probe in the patient’s ear, simply press one button and your device initiates the test.

  • Small, light-weight probe and eartips customized for newborn ears
  • Fast and easily exchangeable probe tip
  • Probe holder to secure and prevent damage to the probe
  • Convenient hook offering hands-free operation




The new Otoread

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