Audiometry Module

Audiometry software

ac440-thumb1The audiometry software (AC440) turns the Affinity 2.0 / Equinox 2.0 and CallistoTM into one of the most flexible and user friendly audiometers available today. Above and beyond the standard air, bone and speech capabilities, there are a wide range of test applications that make it the ideal solution for any active clinical environment.

Full-test battery
The AC440 software can be as simple or advanced as you prefer.
ac440-thumb2The software supports basic tone and speech assessment as well as a variety of licensed special tests. For example, the high frequency option permits an extended frequency range which is typically used for ototoxic monitoring, and QuickSIN provides you with a quick estimate of the SNR loss (signal-to-noise ratio loss).

Counseling features
The audiometry software (AC440) can be supplemented with modules for Hearing Loss Simulation (HLS440) or Master Hearing Aid (MHA440). These tools engage clients and relatives in the fitting process which is important for the patient’s motivation and the fitting outcome.

For more information download AC440 info sheet

Audiometry software (AC440)

  • Air, bone and speech
  • Free field applications
  • Design your own printouts and reports
  • Customized user setup


Audiometer Standards Tone: EN60645-1/ANSI S3.6 Type 1;
Speech: EN60645-2/ANSI S3.6 Type A or A-E.
Calibration AC: ISO389-1, ISO389-2; BC: ISO389-3.
Extended Range Function If not activated, the AC output will be limited to 20 dB below maximum output.
Input Tone, Warble Tone, CD1, CD2, Mic1, Mic2, wave files.
Masking Stimulus Narrow Band Noise or White Noise or Speech Noise.
Compatible Software NOAH 3 compatible office systems, OtoAccess™
Speech Audiogram WR1, WR2, WR3, MCL, UCL, aided, unaided, binaural
Outputs AC Left + Right, BC Left + Right, Insert Phone Left + Right, Insert Masking, FF1 and FF2. (Line/power 2x10W/4Ω).
Transducers TDH39 Audiometric headset, B71 Bone conductor, EARTONE 3A inserts
Tone Presentation Manual or Reverse. Single or multiple pulses.
Patient Signal One or two (optional) hand held push button.
Patient communication Talk Forward and Talk Back.
Storage Capacity Tone audiogram: dB HL, MCL, UCL, binaural, aided.
Included Parts Affinity2.0 AC440 CD
OtoAccess™ database CD
TDH39 Audiometric Headset
MTH400 Headset
EMS400 Talk back Microphone
B71 Bone Conductor
APS3 Patient Response Button
Standard USB Cable
Power Cable 120 or 230V
Mouse pad
Operation and Multilingual CE Manual
Optional Parts DAK70 Audiometer Keyboard with live voice mic.
EARTONE 3A Audiometric Headset (5As my be substituted)
ACC60 Affinity2.0 carrying Case
CIR22 Insert Masking Earphones
Audiocup Enclosures
Peltor Noise Excluding Headset
HDA200 Audiometric Headset
HDA280 Audiometric Headset
KOSS R80 high frequency headset
AP12 Power Amplifier 2×12 Watt
AP70 Power Amplifier 2×70 Watt
ALS7 Loudspeaker
AFC8 Sound Cabin Installation Panel
UCO15 Optical USB Extension Cable
Included tests Masking Level Difference (MLD440)
Multi Frequency Module (MF440)
Speech from Hard-drive (SFH440)
Weber Test
SISI test (SISI440)
Master Hearing Aid (MHA440)
Hearing Loss Simulator (HLS440)
Optional Special Tests High Frequency audiometry (HF440)
Masking Level Difference (MLD440)
Multi Frequency Module (MF440)
Speech from Hard-drive (SFH440)
SISI test
Master Hearing Aid (MHA440)
Hearing Loss Simulator (HLS440)
Loudness Scaling (LS440)
Other specifications – Affinity 2.0 specification
– Equinox 2.0 specification