Real Ear Measurement Module

Real-Ear measurements are the only means to objectively quantify what you put in your clients ear – potentially having a huge impact on client satisfaction. The REM440 Real-ear Measurement module is a reliable fitting tool suitable for all types of hearing aids. It ensures precise hearing aid fittings and easy workflow side-by-side with the hearing aid manufacturer software.

Easy workflow
REM440 features true on-top mode allowing for smooth and fast hearing aid fittings and fine-tuning. While adjusting the gain handles in the fitting software, the REM440 screen will at all times stay on top of the fitting screen allowing for easy curve comparison. The result is a smooth, easy, and fast fitting process.

Testing advanced hearing aids
The REM440 accommodates your needs with regards to testing modern hearing aids. As an example, the calibration for open fit handles the challenges presented by the trend of open fittings/receiver in the ear solutions. Furthermore, various options in the REM440 software help you to analyze advanced automatic features (e.g. noise reduction and directionality) which are common in modern digital hearing aids.

A reflection of the real world
The REM440 allows you to test hearing aids with real world sounds which are relevant to your clients and provides a true representation of their everyday listening environment. For example, use the different language files or import you own sounds to ensure an individual fitting that suits your specific client’s needs.

rem440-thumb2Visible Speech Mapping

A hearing aid fitting should be a client centered process and counseling is an essential part of it. With the purpose of engaging the client in the fitting process the Interacoustics Visible Speech Mapping system seeks to incorporate counseling into the real-ear measurement screen. For this reason Visible Speech Mapping is becoming a more and more popular way of performing real-ear measurements.

For more information download REM440 info sheet

Real-Ear Measurement


  • Customizable workflow
  • Open fit capability
  • Design your own printouts and reports
  • RECD & coupler verification
  • Visible Speech Mapping (optional)


Real Ear Measurement EN 61669, ISO 12124, ANSI S3.46.
Stimulus Signal Warble Tone, Pure Tone, Random noise, Pseudo random noise, Band limited white noise, Chirp, ICRA, Real Speech, any other sound file (automatic calibration available).
Measurement Intensity Range Probe microphone 40-145 dB SPL ± 2 dB.
Reference microphone: Intensity: 40 – 100 dB
Pre-Programmed Protocols REM440 module comes with a set of Test Protocols loaded. Additional Test Protocols can be designed by user, or easily imported into the system.
Compatible Software NOAH 3, OtoAccess™
Sweep Speed 1.5 – 12 sec
Intensity range 40 – 90 dB
Available Tests REUR – REIG- RECD – REAR – REAG – REOR – REOG – REUG – Input – Output
Included Parts Affinity2.0 REM440 CD
OtoAccess™ database CD
IHM60 In-situ headset with probe microphone and reference icrophone (double)
IGT50 Insertion gain tubes 36 pcs.
Standard USB cable
Power cable 120 or 230V
Mouse pad
Operation and multilingual CE manual
Optional Parts SPL60 Transducer Kit for RECD measurement incl. probes and eartips
BET60 Box with Eartips for for RECD measurement.
Calibration adaptor for insitu reference
VSP440 Visible Speech Module
UCO15 Optical USB Extension Cable
ACC60 Affinity2.0 carrying Case
Frequency Range 100-10000Hz.
Frequency Accuracy ± 1%
Frequency distortion 2%
Intensity accuracy ± 1.5 % dB
Frequency Resolution 1/3, 1/6, 1/12 and 1/24 octave or 1024 point FFT.
Other specifications – Affinity 2.0 specification
– Equinox 2.0 specification