Visual Speech Mapping Module

The Visible Speech Mapping module
Visible Speech Mapping is designed to assist clinicians in the important process of fitting and counseling. With a combined verification and counseling screen the system addresses the task of explaining technical issues to non-technical users.

A verification tool
The Visible Speech Mapping system merges real-ear verification and counseling into one screen. You can match the gain to target (e.g. DSL mi/o v5, NAL-NL2) on an aided display and at the same time show the hearing aid benefit by comparing to an unaided display.

A counseling tool
The comprehensive screen layout showing dynamic range, normal hearing thresholds, and sound examples assists you in the process of communicating the measurement results and making client recommendations.

Wave player and external sounds
Besides standard tone and speech stimuli the software also allows you to add files in WAV format containing any type of speech and/or noise. You can even record a relative voice and play it back through the WAV player to find out which of two settings work best.

Also for children
Visible Speech Mapping can be used in the adult as well as the pediatric hearing aid fitting. Based on individual or predicted RECD values Visible Speech Mapping can be performed in a test box (i.e. Affinity built-in test box, TBS25, or Callisto coupler base).