Titan Screener

In modern healthcare settings fast and reliable testing is essential. The Titan screener is built to meet these requirements in an easy and flexible way. For example otitis media, a major cause of temporary or permanent hearing impairment in children, can be easily and quickly detected with the Titan screener.

  • A unique and robust pump design that ensures good test results under the conditions
  • Pre-defi ned protocols allow you to quickly get
    a tympanogram or ipsilateral reflexes

Ease of use

  • Titan follows a ‘plug and play’ principle. As soon as a seal is detected the measurement will start.
  • The intuitive navigation of Titan offers an easy
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling.


  • 3.5 hours continuous test time on a single charge
  • 250 patient storage
  • Slim design and only 360 grams/0.8lbs
  • Light-weight carrying bag

The Titan screener is a competent tool for both adult and infant screening and can be used in
various situations, e.g. screening tympanometry at school, high probe tone tympanometry after
neonatal infant screening, tympanometry and ipsilateral refl exes as part of a standard audiological assessment, etc.

Other features

  •   226 Hz and optional high frequency (1000Hz) probe tones for infant and adult testing
  • Pure tone, narrow band and broad band stimuli
  • Tympanometry, refl ex fi xed and refl ex growth
  • Full range of ear tips
  • Single hand operation or optional PC-operation
  • Charging directly from mains or through the optional cradle
  • Extended probe cable for more fl exibility and stability (optional)
  • USB or optional Bluetooth connection with Titan Suite
  • Wireless Bluetooth printout on thermal portable printer (optional)
  • Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Noah and OtoAccess™ compatible
  • Electronic Medical Record integration possibilities

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