Titan Portable OAE/ABR

Titan – a new dimension in Newborn Hearing Screening

Imagine a handheld infant screener that will evaluate the entire auditory pathway from middle ear to brainstem, a product that will reduce your screening ABR test time by up to 50% and yet is so intuitively designed it requires only four buttons to do tympanometry, OAE & ABR. The ergonomic, lightweight Titan platform can do exactly that and much more.

The Titan Hardware

The Titan is a modular platform offering automated ABR, OAE & tympanometry testing. This flexible combination instrument allows you to create the perfect screening instrument and can also be configured to perform advanced clinical testing. The slim and ergonomic design allows for a true handheld operation, which together with the various available transducer configurations enable a strong focus on patient centered testing.


The DPOAE440 software module is available in either a screening or clinical version meeting the needs of any newborn hearing screening programme or diagnostic follow up clinic. The DPOAE440 can test from 500Hz-10KHz with user definable stop criteria incl. test time or point time, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, minimum DP level, residual noise & DP reliability. By using advanced real ear detection the Titan ensures precise stimulus intensity in any ear canal.


For screening purposes the Titan can be configured to give a fast and reliable PASS or REFER result between 500Hz – 6KHz.

If clinical testing is required, the manual mode enables the user to add extra test frequencies and add further sweeps to frequencies of special interest and also offers advanced DP/Input-Output testing for all frequencies available.

  • DP Reliability
  • Customisable protocols
  • DP-Gram or DP-I/O test available
  • Bar or Graph view
  • User controls for recording


The automated ABR software module for the Titan has been designed using the latest technologies available for fast and reliable automated ABR testing for infants.

The default stimulus in the ABRIS440 is the CE-Chirp® stimuli. Unlike the traditional click, the CE-chirp provides improved synchronization of the nerve fibers creating a response with up to double the response amplitude compared to a standard click allowing a much faster detection. The resulting test time can typically be reduced with up to 50% compared to traditional click stimuli. Optionally, the click or the new Hi-Lo frequency specific CE-Chirp® stimuli can also be selected. Moreover a sophisticated Bayesian weighted averaging is implemented, which optimizes the recording conditions in case of a fluctuating EEG due to an uneasy patient.

Apart from being among the quickest screeners available, it also provides reliable automated ABR tests with a sensitivity of 99,9% and a specificity of more than 96% making it the perfect instrument for newborn hearing screening.

The intuitive user interface and work flow from both the handheld unit and the Titan PC-Suite makes the instrument very easy to implement in any screening programme, as only very limited training is required in order to get familiarized with the instrument.

  • CE-Chirp, Click or Hi-Lo Chirp stimuli
  • Bayesian weighting
  • Results displayed as PASS/REFER
  • Three transducer options


The impedance module (IMP440) is available in a screening, diagnostic or clinical version allowing you to configure the Titan for the tests you need. The test battery features standard tympanometry, ipsi- and contralateral acoustic reflexes, reflex decay and reflex latency, as well as three Eustachian tube function tests. Together with optional high frequency probe tones (678, 800 and 1000 Hz), IMP440 is designed to meet and perform the most demanding of clinical requirements.

  • Automatic tympanometry testing
  • High Frequency probe tones
  • Ipsi & contra reflexes

Data Transfer and Reporting

Patient information can easily be uploaded to the handheld unit and transferred back to the Titan PC-Suite after having retrieved the test data. The results can either be printed using the sophisticated print wizard or saved in PDF format for insertion into EMR systems. The Titan is NoaH3 & HiTrack compatible.


Medical CE-mark The CE-mark indicates that Interacoustics A/S meets the requirements of Annex II of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Approval of the quality system is made by TÜV – identifi cation no. 0123
Standards Safety: IEC 60601-1, Internally powered, Type B+BF applied parts
EMC: IEC 60601-1-2
Impedance: IEC 60645-5/ANSI S3.39, Type 1
Test signal: IEC 60645-1/ANSI S3.6 , IEC 60645-3
OAE: IEC 60645-6 2009, Type 2 Otoacoustic emissions
ABR: IEC 60645-7 2009, Type 2
OAE/IMP shoulderbox Dimensions 65, 35, 18 mm.
Probe specifi cations Titan IOW probe: IMP, DPOAE and ABRIS capable Replaceable probe tip Test Pressure: Ambient pressure.
Thermal printer (Optional) Type: Thermal (Bluetooth) printer with recording paper in rolls. Print on command through Bluetooth communication and through serial RS-232. Paper width: 57.5 ± 0.5 mm on thermal printer Printing time: Printing time depends on the size of the used protocol. For 2 tympanograms and 8 refl exes the thermal printer uses approximately 6 s.
Titan Dimensions 6x6x28cm/2.4×2.4x11inch
Titan Weight 360g /0.8lbs
ABR/OAE/IMP shoulderbox Weight 120 g
ABR/OAE/IMP shoulderbox Dimensions 102, 68, 26 mm.
OAE/IMP shoulderbox Weight 64 g
PC control USB: Input/output for computer communication. Titan can be fully operated from a PC. The measurements can then be followed on the PC screen. Data can be sent to and saved on the PC and stored in the Interacoustics database OtoAccess™. See separate section in Service Manual for programming details.
Memory: Theoretically, an infi nite amount of test results can be stored on the PC. The Titan hand held unit is delivered with a 1 Gb memory card, enough for storing more than a quarter of a million tests.

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