Luna Audiometry

Luna Audiometry made plug and play
Perform fast and reliable screening audiometry with Luna USB headset audiometer.

USB audiometer

Plug in your patient response to your Luna USB headset and connect the headset to your Windows® tablet or laptop and you are ready to start testing your patients.

All the qualities you need for hearing screening.

Portable. The headset audiometer only weighs 500 grams including the patient response.

FastTest at scale with automated tests and plug-and-play functionality.

Reliable. Randomized frequency order for reliable results and no bulky equipment to manage.


Plug and Play

Luna is delivered with three hearing tests in a user-friendly software suite. The calibration is stored in the headset, so as soon as you connect the headset to your Windows® tablet or laptop, you are ready to test your patients.

Reliable testing

Luna is a type 4 audiometer in accordance with IEC60645-1. It presents the frequencies in a randomized order and ear, which can help to produce more reliable patient responses.

Bring it with you on the road

The Luna headset and patient response have a combined weight of 0.5 kg, and are easily carried in the included carrying bag with a shoulder strap. Luna is therefore well-suited for hearing tests in home settings or to bring with you between test sites.

Random automatic test

The random automatic test allows you to include or exclude any frequency, and it randomly switches between frequency and ear until the test is completed. Before saving the test results, you can re-test particular frequencies manually.


You can exclude unneeded frequencies from your test protocol, which can help to save time. A random automatic test with the default seven frequencies only takes one minute to complete.

Test options

  • Manual, automatic, automatic 20 dB and Hughson Westlake tests
  • Pure tone, warble and pulse stimuli
  • 1, 2 and 5 dB steps
  • PTA, CPT-AMA, PLH calculations

User friendly software
Automatically saved test results and integration to electronic health record systems. Design your own PDF report layout, including the ability to add your clinic’s logo. For safety reasons, you can use a random patient ID.

Multiple operators

You can add and delete operators in the Luna Suite software. Any non-default settings are saved for each operator, shortening time spent on preparing the software before testing. You also have the option to limit the list of patients so you only can see your own.

Language editor

When installing the Luna Suite software, the system automatically chooses the same language as your OS interface. You can easily change the language to your preferred setting in the Luna Suite software.

A variety of overlays

Choose between several overlays for data comparison and counseling purposes:

  • Degree of hearing loss

  • Toggle left/right audiogram

  • Speech banana

  • Single or dual audiogram

  • Previous session overlay