Nydiag Rotary Chair

nydiagRotational testing is more sensitive than caloric testing even though both are typically used during a full balance assessment.

Rotational testing produces fewer false negatives than caloric testing and is the only test suitable for compensated unilateral lesions and bilateral vestibular lesions.

Rotational testing also avoids all the accessories required for caloric testing and is therefore preferred by many patients. Some patient groups (e.g. children) will often accept rotational testing but reject calorics.


Maximum speed 200 deg/s
Maximum acceleration 100 deg/s²
Max. patient weight 135 kg for full specification.
Reclining backrest Manually operated from 0 deg (horizontal) to 90 deg (sitting)
Slip rings 18 FireWire® compatible slip-rings
Emergency stop Emergency stop button disconnects the motor power
Patient alarm button Sends an alarm signal to the computer and stops the rotation
Weight 175 kg
Weight incl. package 190 kg
Dimensions 90 cm x 70 cm x 160 cm
Dimensions incl. package 100 cm x 75 cm x 190 cm
Power supply 110-230 V~ (50/60 Hz)/ 4A max
Options Off-axis movement, ± 10 cm max