VF405 Video Frenzel

vf405Superior nystagmus observation
The Interacoustics Video Frenzel system: VF405 Basic and VF405 Extended.  The VF405 provides ideal conditions for fixation-free observation of eye movements in patients being evaluated for vestibular disorders.

Perfect eye images
Crisp and contrasting rich eye images from the same high resolution FireWire cameras that we use in our VNG systems.

The combi goggle
The combination Goggle is light weight, with an easy fitting magnetic cover to allow for testing both with vision and with vision denied.

The soft, disposable face cushions allow for a sanitary solution, are comfortable for the patient, and provide a completely light-tight fit to prevent the suppression of natural nystagmus responses.
Video recordings – VF405 EXTENDED
The eye images are recorded on the PC’s Hard disk drive for detailed review of the nystagmus intensity, direction and torsional component – fully synchronized with the situation video and sound recording from the external camera.

Other features
Patient database
Room camera (VF405 EXTENDED)
Video recording (VF405 EXTENDED)
Footswitch operated remote control
List of available tests  – user-definable (VF405 EXTENDED)
Built-in report editor
One or two cameras – upgrade as you like

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