XTM A4 Family.

Whatever the situation, you can be sure XTM A4 hearing aids will deliver superior sound quality. The two powerful behind-the-ear (BTE) instruments are light and incredibly comfortable. The in-the-ear (ITE) instruments fits your ear comfortably in seconds. Enjoy the proven A&M audiology the whole day.


The smallest standard BTE

A convenient hearing solution: The XTM S offers proven audiological performance and hassle-free handling in a discreet BTE device. Available in different performance levels and equipped with feedback prevention and noise management technology, the XTM S provides a comfortable hearing experience. Due to its small size hardly anybody will even notice that you are wearing it.


Powerful and accessible

With a very broad coverage of hearing loss range, the XTM P A4 has power you need. The housing designs makes it a robust and powerful hearing aid. The XTM P A4 features also feedback prevention.


The most powerful and reliable

The XTM XP A4 is the ideal solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss. With sophisticated technology, such as feedback prevention and noise management, the XTM XP A4 provides the functions and amplification that wearers need to stay connected to their world.


The virtually invisible instant fit solution

The XTM IF CIC P4 are nearly invisible in the ear, making them the ideal devices for you if discretion is an important factor. With their flexible Click Sleeves in different sizes, they can be worn comfortably and safely.
A great advantage of these in-the-ear devices is that you can take them home with you after the first session and you don’t have to wait for a custom built shell from the laboratory. The XTM IF CIC P4 offers our well-proven features like feedback prevention & noise management.

Performance Features

Noise Management

A&M hearing instruments are equipped to ensure background noise is significantly reduced, giving the wearer better speech clarity and less unwanted interference.

Feedback Preventer

Wearers of A&M hearing instruments are able to enjoy a more comfortable listening experience with reduced occurrence of
feedback. The fast feedback preventer helps to avoid annoying whistling in the ears.

Other Features

8 Signal Processing Channels, 6 Pre-Configured Sound Profiles

Accessories and Apps

Our accessories brings you the convenience of being connected and our apps makes adjusting your hearing aids discreet and easy.

Smart Key

A small remote for discreet control of hearing aids without the need of a smartphone. It is designed to fit on key ring, allowing you to bring it everywhere in a easy and convenient way.

Smart Remote App

Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your hearing aids! The app enhances discretion by hiding the remote control within your mobile device without the need for additional hardware. Full control of your hearing aids looks as subtle as checking for a text message.

Connexx Fit2Go*

Fit2Go is a unique and innovative app that allows the hearing care professional to perform a quick and user-friendly setup and adjustment of supported A&M hearing aids with only a smart mobile device. There is no need for a laptop or PC to set up the hearing aids. This enables the hearing care professional to be truly mobile and reach the hearing impaired more easily than ever before.

*App for hearing care professionals.