Insio NX

Insio Nx ITC/ITE
The Bluetooth enabled in-the-ear hearing aids for best speech comprehension.

Life is better spent together. Signia’s Insio™ hearing aids are tailor-made to suit your ear anatomy and hearing loss so you can enjoy spending time with those closest to you without having to worry about your hearing and appearance.

Through its incredibly discreet design and exceptional sound quality, Insio gives you the self-confidence to savor the important things in life. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity provides carefree direct audio streaming of TV, music and phone calls.

Most natural hearing experience
With Insio, you can understand your conversation partner even in difficult hearing environments while it offers you perfectly balanced sound.

Dedicated push button
Via a push button, you can change your hearing programs or the volume manually.

For a broad range of hearing loss
Mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, Insio tackles all these challenges and gives you back the natural sound of life.

Enjoy direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV.

Stream music in high quality stereo straight into your ears, discreetly adjust the volume to suit your wishes while watching your favorite TV show, or hear a phone call at the push of a button.With Signia’s Insio ITC and ITE models you have discreet and convenient remote control and premium Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming from various sources at your fingertips – all you need is a smartphone.

Crystal clear sound with a natural flow.

From animatedly discussing music after a concert to enjoying the thrills of a new city, Signia Insio lets you delight in the world of sound. Conversations require concentration and effort wherever ambient sounds can distract us from hearing what matters. Insio is expertly equipped to tackle these challenges. It replicates the natural way we localize sound, focusing on your conversation partner while filtering unwanted background noise. You hear most clearly what you want to hear. All-day long. In every situation.

Connect to the ease of control

  • Telephone
  • Music
  • TV
  • Remote Control

Enjoy sound in perfect harmony

  • Speech in noise
  • Conversation while moving
  • Crystal clear sound

Remote control for your Insio Nx
Ideal for anyone who wants discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without a large remote control or smartphone