PRO 28F / Screening Line

Mini soundproof booth with innovative internal design and acoustic technology for a higher soundproofing performance in the most compact solution.


PRO28F line is an excellent noise reduction booth, is recommended for hearing screening and diagnostic tests in audiology centers and shops for those who have limited space available and need a very small soundproof booth. These booths can be also used in temporary situations for occupational medicine, in companies and schools.

Noise reduction level

Noise reduction PRO28F line is tested at the Technical-Physics Laboratory C.S.I. S.p.A. (Milano-Italy) accredited by ACCREDIA.
Product conforms with international UNI EN ISO 8253 1:2010 with a background noise no greater than 65dB (at 500Hz) assuming a
noise barrier headset (audio cups) is used.


Easy and quick to install; no specialized staff required. Just follow the instructions. Thanks to reduced weight and small size can be easily set up in 5 minutes and transported in a Station Wagon car.


  • Medical device class I MDD93/42/CEE 2007/47/CE
  • CEI 64/11 CEI 64/8
  • 2006/95/CE
  • UNI EN ISO 8253 1:2010